There are several ways to grow your career with us. We offer the following Golden Opportunities for financial consultants who work with us.

Career Growth

We are committed to help you grow. You will learn leadership skills that will help you in defining your purpose and fulfill other aspects or your career as a consultant.

The Market

There are a multitude of opportunities in the consumer market and our business model is designed to fit the needs for a positive impact.

Change in Consumer Behaviour

Today’s consumers are smarter and more informed. Our sales strategies address current consumer behavior which will keep you on target.

Licensing, Compliance, & Transparency

Our technology keeps up with the continuously changing government regulations and compliance rules.

Robo Platform that Mimic Human Advise

Our Robotics platform is based on an (AI) Artificial Intelligence-driven algorithm that addresses people’s needs and provides advice that speeds up the process.

Generation of Wealth Transfer

There is a generational market segment that is ripe with golden opportunities in this new decade. Our program helps you tap into this market to take advantage of opportunities that are built on trust and building solid relationships.

Compensation and Rewards

Insurance Compensation

As an Advisor, you will have various opportunities to earn income & incentives from both the carrier insurance companies as well as LifePlan. Besides basic compensation, you can earn through your loyalty and referrals.

Investment Compensation

Commissions earned from investments is another income stream. You have several options of compensation, such as upfront and renewal commissions. This will inspire you to be productive since you are assured of the rewards.

Rewards & Recognition

In addition to financial compensation, we recognize our top performers. Our rewards programs include trips and conventions to celebrate your hard work and accomplishments. We are sure this will drive more success.

What is a LifePlan Financial Consultant?

At LifePlan being a Financial Consultant doesn’t mean you are alone to manage yourself. We form a partnership with you and guide you through expectations and learning and development towards ultimate success.

Our expert team of insurance and investment advisors will help you navigate through the highs and lows. We will provide you with the right coaching, knowledge, strategies and lead you towards maximizing your growth potential for your business. You will be in the driver’s seat and in charge of your goals and success.

How Do You Start?

As a new consultant you will receive training to master the fundamentals in sales concepts through in class and online settings. You will also be provided training in using our Advisor Intelligence technology platform.

You will have the opportunity to work with our experienced financial consultants and managers to learn the art of sales to foster a winner’s mindset.

What Our Advisors Say

I have enjoyed every moment of my tenure at LPI. Through this job, I have been able to make a difference in my community. LPI enforces a family culture that puts their employees first. I feel empowered to advance my knowledge and continue to grow in my role.


Financial Consultant

At LPI, I spend time in improving my abilities with financial data and analysis and practice my skills of listening, influencing, and developing long-term relationships with clients. I am growing all areas alongside all other colleagues striving toward the same goals.


Business Development Manager

Current Openings

Associate Advisor

A great opportunity who are in initial stages of their career and want to learn and grow fast. As an Associate Advisor, you will be working with Senior Consultants to assist them in serving clients.

Insurance Advisor

Multiple positions are open for Insurance Advisors role, where you will be helping clients in providing best possible solutions to them.

Recruiting Manager

The  Recruiting Manager will be responsible for overall hiring and onboarding of our growing team of advisors.

Executive Office Administrator

A passionate and self-motivated individual who is comfortable using innovative, disruptive technology to join our team as executive office administrator.