Do you want your hard earn money to follow your wishes, or should you lose it in taxes and wrong hands? Properly thought through and crafted plans help you save significant amount of money and headache.

At LifePlan, our Certified Financial Planners and our LifePlan Advisory team, who partnered with lawyers and accountants to help you every step of the way. Not only craft the plan right for your objective but also help along the way to monitor and adjust.

Tax & Estate Planning is a method that deals with tax strategies and Insurance strategies & trusts to minimize tax liabilities at death and fulfill the client’s intended distribution of property and wealth in an efficient way.

Part of the process is finding products that will provide funding to the estate or holding company to meet tax liabilities, fees, and obligations as well as provide funds to replace lost income or enhance the transfer of wealth.

One such product is Life Insurance which most consider as a financial instrument purchased to replace income. Not only that, it is a worry-free investment that can grow as tax free asset and can be accessed tax-free. This unique tax treatment under Canada’s Income Tax Act makes it a key component in this process.

We say the best Financial Planner and CPA are not expensive. However, the wrong one will cost you a fortune and a problem. Contact our LifePlan Advisory team to help craft your future and legacy.