Pillar 1 - Marketing & Innovation

LifePlan thrives in helping our financial advisors grow with full marketing support and process innovation. So advisors can focus on growing their business and the welfare of their clients.

Pillar 2 - Process Efficiency

While constant innovation is important, putting it into an efficient process is the main characteristic of a well-oiled business operation.

Pillar 3 - Recruitment & Development

Our recruitment process and advisor development are in the center of our business operations. We value our advisors as they are on the frontline of our business.

Pillar 4 - Revenue and Growth

As a business, revenue and growth are the lifelines of the operations. As we grow in revenue, advisors and clients, success becomes just the formality.

Foundation – Technology

Under the 4 pillars is the foundation of technology. We take pride in using technology to our advantage by developing AI-driven platform that will enable us to strengthen the 4 pillars and ready our business for the future.