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Our Team

It's important to us that we leverage and use all of the tools available to support your success. We're proud to be a tech friendly firm, utilizing the latest digital tools to ensure transparency and accuracy.

We work with 24 different companies across the industry to ensure we have a broad selection of products products to fit your needs. We offer unbiased advice, compliant implementation, and fully transparent transactions.

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Our advisors are compensated directly from LifePlan Investments, we pay our advisors same compensation regardless of the company they choose for their clients.

Our solutions focus on what truly benefits you and your needs.

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As proud members of the community, the team at LifePlan Investments supports many local non-profit organizations and events.

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Our Story

Our founder, Ahilan Balanchandran, realized that it was always the rich and financially literate that benefits as everything seem to be too complicated, risky, and expensive for most people. Inspired by his own experiences, he wanted to change the way people see investments and insurance. Ahilan founded LifePlan Investments, and began his journey to promote a simplified, and easy-to-understand approach in financial planning and education.

We strive to make a positive impact by using our expertise in financial planning to give life to the economic well-being of people. There’s a direct connection between our Founder’s personal experiences and our logo. As a parent, the most memorable moment is the seventh week of your child’s development, when you first hear the heartbeat. It sparks a lifelong journey of love, security, and connection.

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At LifePlan Investments, we view your financial journey with the same respect. The heart in our logo represents our commitment to navigating and supporting our Clients through their lifelong journey. LifePlan Investments created a digital platform to compliment our team, offering people transparent unbiased advice, ensuring compliance and security. We believe that this platform will let anyone attain financial well-being, and ultimately begin a secure financial planning journey.

LifePlan Investments is a privately-owned financial services firm and a duly registered corporation in Canada. LifePlan Investments is currently headquartered in Markham, Ontario.


Our Team

Our advisors are trained and coached by industry-leading mentors to help provide you with simple and holistic financial plans.


Ahilan (AKIL) Balachandran, B.Comm, CFP, CLU, CHS, EPC

Founder and CEO

How can I help you build security for the future? With an in-depth knowledge of strategic financial planning, insurance, investments, tax and estate planning I'm confident we can define a path to financial success for you.

As a coach and mentor, I'll listen to your personal and professional financial challenges and provide sound advice to help you find a solution.


Our Values




We help you understand and gain control of your finances with right-sized support, digital tools, and unbiased advice.




We keep it simple and only provide you with advice and products that fit your lifestyle, goals and financial well-being.




Our solutions combine sound advice from a trusted financial advisor with best-in-class technology.




Support and dedicated resources to help you navigate your financial future.




My LifePlan APP provides a simple, transparent to basic planning, insurance, investments, and the financial process.