Comprehensive Solutions for Every Stage of Your Life-

We provide comprehensive and customized solutions carefully structured around your goals and needs, from insurance to investments and tax and estate planning.

Advisor Competency

Our advisors are trained and coached by industry-leading mentors to help provide you with simple and holistic financial plans.

Full Transparency

As we focus on your financial well-being, we provide products from 24 companies through unbiased advice, compliant implementation, and fully-transparent transactions. Our advisors compensate from LifePlan Investments equally regardless of which company they choose for you. They focus on what truly benefits you and your needs.

Advocacy in Community Development

Raising and improving financial Intelligent within the community is something that we advocate to create an impact. We build partnerships with non-profit organizations that bring positive changes to people’s lives. We give our skills, resources, and time to help in this endeavor.

Certified Experts

Our certified financial planners with over two decades of experience help both advisors and clients to develop tax-efficient investment and estate planning strategies. Our LifePlan Advisory group specialized in working with complicated tax and planning issues, and they work with accountants and lawyers to provide the right solutions for your problems.

Harnessing Technology to Aid Humans

We are firm advocates of developing technology towards helping mankind. Our proprietary software with machine learning, AI assists our experienced financial consultants in giving comprehensive financial advice and secure account management. The software will benefit our clients from unparalleled efficiency and security. The software is also complemented by the free My LifePlan mobile app that helps people to make their own assessments or monitor their accounts.