We have golden opportunities that await every financial consultant who works for us.

Golden Opportunity: Career Growth

There are several opportunities to grow your career with us. We are fully committed to help you grow as a LifePlan Financial Consultant. There are also leadership opportunities beyond which will also allow you to have a larger impact and fulfill your bigger purpose.

Golden Opportunity: The Market

We have identified golden opportunities in the consumer market in this new decade and our business model is designed to make an impact positively

Change in Consumer Behaviour

Our sales strategies cover current consumer behaviour. Consumers are smarter and more informed.

Licensing, Compliance, & Transparency

Our technology keeps up with the continuously changing government regulations and compliance rules.

Robo Platform that Mimic Human Advise

Our Robo platform is based on an AI-driven algorithm that mimics human advice and speeds up the process.

Generation of Wealth Transfer

This is a generational market segment that is ripe with golden opportunities in this new decade.

Golden Opportunities: Compensation and Rewards

Insurance Compensation

As a LifePlan Advisor, you will have various opportunities to earn income and incentives from both the carrier insurance companies and LifePlan Investments. On top of the primary compensation, you are rewarded with your loyalty and business development.

Investment Compensation

Commissions from investments is another income stream. You have several options on how you want to be compensated. The options are combinations of upfront and renewal commissions, which should inspire you to be productive as you are assured of the rewards.

Rewards & Recognition

In addition to financial compensation, recognitions are given to top performers. Being a member of the cream of the crop attracts more success. And on top of that, recognition trips and conventions as rewards are just a grand culmination of all your accomplishments.